EcoStrategy Consulting can help your business or organisation

get grounded in a new green world.

We specialise in providing an interdisciplinary approach,

and crafting innovative solutions to complex problems.



Research and policy development
Strategic planning and evaluation
Report and submission writing

We are happy to discuss your specific project with you,

and scope the work to fit your budget and timeframe.

Environment scanning
Issues identification and analysis Stakeholder engagement




Our clients want to address the future, today.

They are leaders in their field and want to stay ahead of the pack. They accept that the world is changing fast, and that broader thinking is required. They know that climate change, an ageing population, renewable energy and new technologies are disrupting business-as-usual. Their clients are demanding better solutions for this new, more complex world.

Commonwealth and State Government departments

Large corporates, to small and medium-sized businesses

Local councils

Non-profit organisations

Industry associations

Professional groups

Training organisations



EcoStrategy Consulting’s Principal is Kerri Watson.


Kerri lives in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and is passionate about sustainable living and sustainable government, business and communities.


Kerri is a professional management consultant and policy expert with experience working in all tiers of government, the private and non-profit sectors.



“Kerri can effortlessly combine an amazing grasp for complex issues and facts with sterling communication skills based on a genuine appreciation of human values. Her recent work in the Noosa Biosphere speaks for itself, and it rather nicely sets the stage for translating her solid expertise into more successful projects in Noosa and beyond”.

Professor Thomas Schlacher

Professor of Marine Science || University of the Sunshine Coast

— Name, Title



Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Periodic Review 


The ten-year review report of the operation of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation  (UNESCO)'s Man and the Biosphere program.

Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021 (Draft)


A draft Strategic Plan completed for the Board of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation (NBRF) Ltd.


An overview of the potential benefits for the State economy in adopting a 'greener' tourism industry.

Department of Housing and Planning, WA

Summary Report on Housing Choice


A summary report of the findings of a wider research study undertaken by Curtin University on the housing preferences of Western Australians.